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Los Angeles Valet Parking Service

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Valet Parking Services

Original Parking offers a range of valet parking services to better suit your parking needs.  Power-driven with up to date technologies, allowing for an efficient and organized operation.  Original Parking will help produce greater economical outcomes for your business and will help utilizes the most from your valet parking assets. 


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Parking Metric

Informative data of parking services in Los Angeles helps business owners keep track and in control of their assets.  We help our clients reach their maximum potential with statistical data and metric.  This in turn allows our clients to provide maximized revenue from their parking assets, consistent traffic control flow data along with a continual growth of customer satisfaction and appreciation.

Real-Time Parking Management

Our systemized ticket control and auditing equipment, combined with a fully integrated Point of Sale system will ensure that all information will be stored and prepared in fully systemized and organized manner.  Previously, rigorous Valet services in Los Angeles have led us to introduce such quality informative systems to better serve our clients needs.

System Design

The expertise that has evolved from over a decades of work serving Commercial Parking in Los Angeles Counties allows Original Parking to design and progress its services offered, the multiple methods of data collection and equipment arrangement will assure to sustain an efficient operation.


Quality Expectations


Our employees undergo a rigorous multi course-training program to have a better understanding of vehicle and equipment management, security and business as well as quality customer relations.


valet uniforms

We also provide custom tailored uniforms to complement and match your own establishment.  Please contact us for more information.


Our staff is dressed to impress.  With an attentive combination of vibrant and professional colors, Original Parking employees are looking their best while serving your customers.

We provide our standard:

  • Red Vests with Black Lapel / White Shirts / Black Tie

  • Black Jacket / White Shirt / Black Tie

  • Sand Color Polo Shirt / Sand Color Head wear

  • Black Pants and Shoes


Enhanced Prestige

Enhanced Capital

With the addition of parking services in Los Angeles expands the list as one of the world’s epicenters for all around attraction.  Many arrive to the city to experience the fine dining or just to experience and exquisite evening in town; Original Parking will assure to complement and enhance your establishment’s appearance and overall customer gratification.  The evening would not be complete with out a well-appointed greeting from the finest parking service attendants in Los Angeles.


Restaurant Parking

Let Original Parking help you get the most from your space. We will enhance your restaurant's frontage and will use the appropriate sign, claims check, umbrellas, podiums, key cabinets and more to enhance your establishment's valet parking operations.