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Commercial Parking

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Original Parking is proficient in handling all methods of commercial parking in Los Angeles. We will insure the highest level of service and efficiency, while maintaining a keen eye on the client's profitability. We consistently rank among the highest profit producers in the commercial parking industry for our parking facilities. With the complications of commercial parking in Los Angeles, a successful operation may include assisted parking needs, parking permit management and valet parking.

Our primary goal within the commercial parking industry is exceeding the standards of today's Los Angeles parking services offered. Original Parking is capable of handling multiple methods of commercial parking services and able to attain the highest level of efficiency guaranteed. In order to accommodate for tenants and visitors, which allows for dependable, daily handling of monthly and permitted clients in as a way to achieve a reputable and successful parking operation.

Parking Space Allocation & Layout Design

commercial buildingUnderstanding the parking structure and layout is important in order to maximize total input and maintain a proper, optimized level of parking efficiency. We will map out the space using our systematic methods which will the adequate spacing available of the combined highest and most efficient amount.

Revenue Control Equipment / Financial Reporting

Keeping a organized method of revenue management is provided by us. Commercial level structures often deal with large quantities on a daily basis. In order to manage all transactions, our sophisticated ticket distribution software will help analyze and assure all incoming parking revenue is tracked and reported.

Detailed Design and Signage

los angeles shopping centerOriginal Parking provides highly skilled designed drafts of its signanges and upon approval will position accordingly of highest visibility and traffic to drive customers to parking services in Los Angeles.

Industry Specific

Original Parking specializes in various industries within valet parking in Los Angeles, our extended profile includes, but not limited to:

Medical Facilities
High Rise Buildings
Government/State Facilities
Commercial Properties
Shopping Centers
and more..

For Los Angeles valet parking, please visit our parking services page for further information.